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Traditions are like live coals carried through the years...coals from the old fireplaces of the
ancestors, which can always flare up to warm the future of the next generations.  
~  Old Arbëreshë Saying  ~
Are you a practitioner with an interest in the old ways? A person digging deeper into
the roots of your  Sicilian heritage? Or maybe you're  looking for ways to heal yourself or
find information on the Mediterranean influences  in Curanderismo.

Hopefully, you will see the similarities of many cultures in a way that draws you deeper
into your own heritage and cultural identity, especially if you are of mixed heritage.

The beauty of our culture can be found in ceremonies, plant histories, language, songs,
art, migration influences and  the roots of your family history. Remedies and old ways
that you can incorporate into your own life for knowledge and healing for your family.  
My feeling is that it is better to take the time to learn about your own history and be
cautious not to appropriate other peoples cultures. If you think your own traditions are
so far back in time that they are lost or irrelevant you are mistaken.

My philosophy is live and let live, with the exception of doing harm to others. We all have our
path to walk but I should clarify,  that this information is offered by a practicing Guaritana-
Sobadora and is for healing, goodness and understanding. Healing and ceremony takes years
and years to understand, must be learned from elders and cannot be taken lightly, but a deep
knowledge base can be built with some information if you know what to look for, so I am talking
basics here.  The whole point is for you to learn how heal yourself and to find your own true
authentic cultural history and traditions. Believe me, our own traditions are valid and powerful,
wherever it is that your family originated.

I acknowledge that no one person understands everything in the universe :-)  To learn more about
who I am, my background, and why I am dedicating myself to making this information public,
please  click on the
About page. This site is a work in progress, just like I am...
Ouroboros: The ancient symbol of the cyclical nature of life is seen in many cultures.  Left to right: Greece, Egypt, Azteca, Japan, Gaelic, China, Hebrew, Celtic
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